Apparatus Class
(In Studio)

When: Thursdays 10:00 - 11:00

Where: WOW PILATES Studio

What: Essential

For Whom: A mixed ability class - open to anyone
Classes limited to 3 people max. 

Pace: The class is geared to suit participants level of ability, physical condition and personal goals. It is a moderate but continuous pace with some stretching rests.

Aim: A fun and educational session to improve Pilates technique and endurance while also improving flexibility and strength. This class welcomes people who are living with muscular-skeletal issues as all exercises are modified to suit the individual. The sessions vary from week to week, keeping some familiar exercises and adding some new. Pilates apparatus is used to aid exercise technique and support the body when needed, or to increase the exercise challenge

Equipment: Provided by the WOW PILATES Studio



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