Passionate about Pilates exercise, Lorraine firmly believes in the benefits it can bring to those who apply themselves to the method by practicing regularly.


Lorraine believes everyone should work out with Pilates exercise, to maintain good mobility, a healthy posture and help prevent injury during sports, exercise and every day living

Lorraine welcomes people of all ages and levels of fitness to her classes urging people to have a go at Pilates exercise, either on the Reformer or Matwork, or both, and try to get to grips with the Pilates basic principles, which form the foundation of all Pilates exercises

Lorraine trained at OneKX in London (the UK's only licensed training centre for STOTT_PILATES®). To deepen her understanding of the function and feeling of the human body and ways to improve it through exercise, Lorraine regularly attends courses and workshops:

  • Integrating the Pilates Method - The Hypermobile client

  • Integrating the Pilates Method - The Ageing Process

  • Integrating the Pilates Method - Ante & Post Natal, the savages of Change

  • Integrating the Pilates Method - The Endocrine System - Workshop

  • Integrating the Pilates Method - The Nervous System and Associated Conditions - Workshop

  • Pilates for Osteoporosis - Workshop

  • Pilates for Post-Rehab Knee Strength - Workshop

  • Pilates for Post-Rehab Hip Strength & Stability - Workshop

  • Pilates for the Shoulder Girdle - Workshop

  • Pilates for Common Lower Back Disorders - Workshop

  • Pilates Exercises for Lower Back Conditions - Workshop

  • Cadillac - Course

  • Stability (Wunda) Chair - Course

  • Ladder Barrel & Spine Corrector - Course

  • Pilates Reformer Stretch - Workshop

  • Pilates Reformer Footwork and Legwork - Workshop

  • The Versatile Chair for All - Workshop

  • Post Op Rehab - Hip Moves - Workshop

  • Pilates for Ankylosing Spondylitis - Workshop

  • Teacher Training - Various Matwork - Workshops

  • Teacher Training - Various Studio Equipment - Workshops

Other Training

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor - Central YMCA, London UK 

  • Level 4 Sports Massage Diploma - SPS Ltd.

  • BSc (Hons) Psychology - Lancaster University


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